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The band Chaosity, a Death/Thrash Metalband from the Netherlands, garuantees a precision load of lethal Metal like it’s meant to be delivered. Since their  rebirth in 2010 they’re back on the road again and ready to please the crowd  with their well structured chaos. Songs like ‘You’re My Prey’ and ‘Annihilation’ still echo through The Cave since their last visit!



On a fateful August day in 2011, a group of metalheads had an idea to start  a band. Nothing serious, just for fun. When they got together for practice the  first time, there was a weird kind of chemistry. Something about these misfits seemed to fit. And so BMPS was born. The premise was to combine gamer culture with asskicking and bone-splintering metal, or “Gamer-Metal”, as the band dubbed it. BMPS plays a myriad of styles, and all of them with it’s own twist.  This is not your typical metal. BMPS is fast, hard, brutal and melodic. Prepare to be surprised.

Zaal open: 20:30
Aanvang: 21:00
Entree: gratis